mSootheBox – An update from Workshop 1!

Yesterday, we held our first workshop with young people to design mSootheBox – a new Augmented Reality (AR) app to help young people who self-harm. The workshop was a great success and it was wonderful to see how every young person got really involved and came up with some fantastic ideas!

We started by asking the young people to tell us about the different things they do to feel happy, or to distract themselves when they are feeling down. They came up with lots of great ideas – some of the most common were reading, playing with a pet, going for a walk or thinking about places they’d like to visit in the future (see image).

Sparta Digital then showed us a range exciting AR apps, and explained to us just a few of the ways AR can be used to help us to interact with our environment. In small groups, the young people thought about how AR could be combined with the distractions they use to feel happy, and how this could be translated into an app. Again, the young people had some really brilliant and very creative ideas, and brought up lots of interesting points that we will need to think carefully about in our future app designing workshops.

We can’t wait to build on these ideas at our next workshop on 13th December. If you are aged 16-25 and would like to get involved, please email us at or fill in this form to find out more.

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