Volunteer as a ‘Citizen Researcher’

CAMHS.Digital are excited to offer children and young people (13-25 yrs) the chance to get involved in our work and join us as Citizen Researchers!

Workshops will run every 4-6 weeks at the University of Manchester (Travel expenses will be reimbursed). The workshops will involve discussions around developing new digital health innovations (e.g. mobile phone apps, virtual reality, etc), mental health and data sharing. You do not have to attend every single session to be part of the group.

Being part of the Children and Young People’s Digital Research Advisory Group you can:

– Work with academic & NHS researchers and develop new research skills

– Become part of a group of ‘experts’ in digital mental health

– Get to experience state-of-the-art technology

– Meet new people

– Improve the mental health of others- now and for the future

– Have something unique to put on your CV / university applications

Our first workshop will be on WEDNESDAY 23rd OCTOBER at 4.30-5.30pm

Vaughan House (Health eResearch Centre), University of Manchester,

Portsmouth Street,


M13 9GB

For more information please email us at camhs.digital@gmail.com or fill in this form.

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