Coming up in the CAMHS.Digital Research Advisory Group!

It’s been an exciting couple of months for the CAMHS.Digital Advisory Group! We’ve settled back in after the summer and begun holding weekly meetings to fit in lots more content for members, as well as presenting at several events and getting the word out about our Advisory Group!

In the past month, we have presented at Leeds Digital Festival, as well as at the YPiiDMH Networking Event – at both of which we presented alongside group members to talk about our group, about the impact that young people can have on research, and on the benefits for young people when they get more involved in research. Our members did a fantastic job at both of these events!

In the next couple of months we have a lot more to come – you can expect guests presenting to the group with their ideas for digital research, career sessions, and we will also be developing our critical thinking skills! The full schedule is below:

If you’re interested in joining any of these sessions, or want to know more about the CAMHS.Digital Advisory Group – please feel free to get in touch, or subscribe to the mailing list here for weekly invitations and to find out about events you can attend or take part in:

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