Olivia talks to The University of Oxford’s TOPIC research group

Welcome back to another episode! This time, Olivia Gorvett is joined by Dr. Polly Waite, an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, and Amy McCall, an MRC-funded DPhil student.
Both Polly and Amy work at the University of Oxford within the TOPIC research group. TOPIC aims to improve psychological interventions, designed to prevent and treat common mental health problems in young people. In this episode, we talk about their work in anxiety and panic disorders, discuss their current research focus, hopes for the future, and the importance of co-production! It was a pleasure to welcome both Polly and Amy onto the podcast.
We hope you enjoy the episode! 

If you’d like to find out more about the research project and discover opportunities to get involved, please follow https://linktr.ee/panic.project
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