YPii Recognition for Involvement Award – Lucy Porte

I was really happy a few weeks ago to receive a recognition award from ‘Ypii’ – the Young People’s Involvement in Digital Mental Health Special Interest Research Group (mouthful I know). The group is one of a number of initiatives set up by the funding organisation Emerging Minds to drive research for young people’s mental health.

I have been involved in the group for about a year now as a representative from CAMHS.Digital and it has felt special to be able to connect with researchers and share the views of young people to help shape a number of projects. As well as regular meetings I have helped to plan a virtual ideathon to draw new ideas from researchers, and put forward ideas from young people for Emerging Minds’ ‘Big Question’ funding call.

I will be facilitating a workshop alongside Olivia Gorvett at the Emerging Minds Summit in Oxford this October. The links with Oxford have been really exciting as I would never have been able to connect with the university outside this group.

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