6: Olivia talks to the Samaritans

Call the Samaritans on 116123 free of charge at any time. Alternatively, visit https://www.samaritans.org/how-we-can-help/contact-samaritan/ to find other ways to contact The Samaritans. In this episode we hear Olivia Gorvett chatting to Melody King, who is a Self Help Product Manager at the Samaritans. We hear them talk about The Samaritans Self Help app the the importance of looking after your mental health. The Self Help app is an amazing app and aims to help users keep track of how they’re feeling, and get recommendations for things they can do to help themselves cope, feel better and stay safe in a crisis. Later in the episode we hear from several young adults about the things they do to look after their mental health. With the exception of Amelia Taylor, Chloe Farrant and Jed Brown, all other young adults haven chosen to remain anonymous. A huge thank you to all who contributed. Please visit CAMHS.digital for more information about our research unit. Thank you for listening!

Lucy talks to Steve Furber

This Manchester supercomputer imitates your brain!

Professor Steve Furber, creator of SpiNNaker, talks about the machine and other examples of biology inspired computing. Interviewing him is Lucy Porte, computer science student and biology nerd. If you enjoy scientific waffle and unrestrained technobabble this one’s for you!

4: Homirah talks to Jenni Jardine

Dr Jenni Jardine (a CAMHS Psychologist and former CAMHS.Digital researcher) is interviewed by Homirah.
Sound from Zapsplat.com

3: Olivia talks to Rory Byrne

In this episode we hear Olivia Gorvett, an Undergraduate Psychology student, chatting with Rory Byrne. Rory is a Postdoctoral User-Researcher working at The Psychosis Research Unit within the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. Among other things, he chats about how he came to land his role as a User-Researcher, the impact of his own experience with psychosis and the importance of future research. If you’d like to learn more about CAMHS.digital, visit our website at camhs.digital. Thank you for listening!

2: Kavita talks to Paul Smitton

We meet with Paul, a software engineer within the Digital Health Software team at the University of Manchester. We discuss the processes behind therapeutic digital interventions, how projects progress from idea to reality and top tips for how to pursue a fascinating career within this field.

1: CAMHS.Digital interviews Charlie Stockton Powdrell

Finding out more about the lives of everyone around us, from the professionals within digital health and mental health. Find us on social media: Instagram @camhs.digital & Twitter @camhs_digital!

Emma Robinson is a 2nd year psychology student at the University of Manchester and a CAMHS.Digital Research Advisor, here she interviews our special guest: Charlotte Stockton-Powdrell.

Emma also has a blog, link here! https://emtalks.blog

Charlotte (likes to be known as Charlie) is a Senior Project Manager within the Digital Software Team at the University of Manchester. Charlie’s role involves overseeing a number of digital health projects covering disease areas including mental health, cancer screening and other long-term health conditions.