CYP Citizen Researchers

CAMHS.Digital are determined to make sure that children and young people (CYP) play a huge role in our work. As you can read in Our Principles, children and young people are always at the heart of what we do and we truly value their contribution. We have thought carefully about how we can listen to and incorporate CYP views in our research, and we are committed to helping them to drive the CAMHS.Digital research agenda.

To make sure this always happens, we are recruiting children and young people as Citizen Researchers, who will become part of our Children’s and Young People’s Digital Research Advisory Group. Our Citizen Researchers will receive all the support needed to fully contribute to CAMHS.Digital research, meeting face-to-face with us on a regular basis.

Citizen Researchers will take part in a variety of research projects, such as workshops for the creation of new mental health apps or events to discuss mental health issues. These workshops will give Citizen Researchers the chance to develop a variety of new research skills, experience state-of-the-art digital technologies, meet new people and improve the mental health of others. It is hoped that they will become nationally recognized as a group of ‘experts’ in digital mental health for their peers.

Overall, the involvement of our Citizen Researchers means that the unit will be driven and shaped by the individuals we are aiming to support, and will ensure that our research will have the expertise and approval of the people it will benefit. For updates on the work of our Citizen Researchers, keep checking our Blog or Contact Us to find out more.