Innovation in Digital Health – Darrell Mann

Why 98% of digital health solutions fail and how to make sure ours is in the 2%

Monday 10th February 2020 |  2-3.30pm| The Congregation, Vaughan House, University of Manchester

Professor Darrell Mann

The first half of the talk will explore the three main reasons why digital health innovation attempts end in failure – misunderstanding the needs of customers and stakeholders, delivering the wrong answers, and – biggest reason of all – failing to successfully integrate the new solutions into the existing systems during execution.

The second half will then take a deeper dive into the 2% of projects that deliver genuine value to reveal that, even though every project is different, they all succeeded by doing the same things.

ALL WELCOME, no booking necessary

The seminar is hosted by the Digital Health Software Team, Centre for Health Informatics, University of Manchester & CAMHS.Digital Research Unit, Greater Manchester Mental Health