Our Team

There is a hard-working and dedicated team behind CAMHS.Digital.

Kathryn Abel

kathryn abel

Kathryn Abel is a Professor of Psychological Medicine, Director and Founder of the Centre for Women’s Health (CWMH) at the University of Manchester. She is also an Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH), and Director of the CAMHS.Digital research unit. Her interests include maternal condition and its effects on offspring cognitive development; parenting as a mediator of maternal effects; and the outcomes of children of parents with mental illness. She has had over 150 publications and edited several books in this area, with a number of international collaborations in Scandinavia, Australia and America. She also has a wealth of experience working as a mental health clinician with those who have severe mental illness.

Pauline Whelan

pauline whelan

Dr Pauline Whelan is Co-Director of the CAMHS.Digital research unit. She is based at the Centre for Women’s Mental Health and the Centre for Health Informatics, University of Manchester. She has worked across a portfolio of health informatics projects for 10+ years, with a particular focus on digital mental health.  She is currently also the technical lead of a national programme to improve the lives of people with Cystic Fibrosis.  She draws on mHealth, wearables, virtual/augmented reality, actionable analytics and data science to find new ways to improve health and social outcomes for vulnerable groups.

Jenni Jardine

Dr Jenni Jardine is a Research Associate within the CAMHS.Digital research unit. She is based in the Research Hub at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.  Jenni has worked in the NHS since 2003 and as a CAMHS Clinical Psychologist since 2011. She specialises in child and adolescent mental health and brings a wealth of experience of a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties. Her interests include early intervention and preventative strategies for positive mental health and wellbeing.