Our Aims

  • ·To establish a Children and Young Person’s (CYP) Digital Research Advisory Group across the North West of England to engage CYP in research and develop future ideas for GM.Digital.
  • To establish effective digital solutions based on child and family interventions developed at Centre for Women’s Mental Health.
  • To identify and develop sustainable digital tools which can be used amongst CYP preventive mental health services within Greater Manchester (GM).
  • To establish GM as a world leader and international hub for the development and implementation of digital applications for CYP preventive mental health.
  • To apply state of the art digital technologies (including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) to support health and wellbeing in CYP.
  • To use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to enhance the prediction of adverse outcomes for vulnerable children, specifically children with parental mental illness.
  • To make findings from mental health research accessible to a broad audience.